When we think of Virtual Reality, we think of computer games, the Matrix and an uncertain world where the impossible can be made possible. All these perceptions of virtual reality are quite fine and as VR has developed and improved beyond what was once just thing of Hollywood movies. But have you ever considered VR as a way to teach God’s word from the Bible?

Virtual Reality Technology
Virtual Reality today is a tool that has proven to have many uses. The concept can best be described and jumping into and living in a movie or TV show. The latest VR technology is now interactive with both hardware and software working together to create a world more realistic than ever before. Scientists and inventors have grasped the power of virtual reality to test concepts and introduce ideas. Car layouts and aeroplane cockpits, for example, are tested in VR environments as any number of scenarios can be reproduced and concepts tested. The reality is that the brain is easily fooled by the latest VR technology to think it is real. If this is so, why can it not be used to teach from the bible?

Get Closer to God’s Word

Getting closer to God through His word is what every Christian is encouraged to do. Praying and reading the bible have been part of Christian life since Christ came to earth and before then in the old testament. Getting the word of God to His people has the been the challenge for scribes, scholars and past and modern-day disciples for thousands of years. Virtual reality, therefore, should be a logical step forward.
In the past, bible stories, old testament and new, were read and the reader had to use his or her imagination to picture what was being said. The language of the bible can be confusing and trying to picture the narrative and get close to what it means can be difficult for some people. It was precisely for this reason that bible translations such as The Message were written to bring the bible and its teachings up to date.

Virtual Reality: A modern bible translation

Virtual Reality can take modern translations one step further forward and actually “transport” someone into the bible. It is well known that the human mind learns more by seeing and feeling rather than just hearing. Romans 10:17 states “Faith come from hearing and hearing by the word of God” and virtual reality expands on this. Virtual reality can soak a person in the Bible with more senses than just hearing. Seeing and feeling God’s word in a way like never before, brings His word to life beyond what any mere reader or speaker can do. Teaching from the bible using virtual reality allows the human mind to soak up more of God’s word. Seeing the narrative in virtual reality helps a person get closer to the what God is saying, it’s the modern way of experiencing God’s word that a younger generation will appreciate. In the virtual reality world, a person will believe they are there, this surely gives God’s word greater clarity. Mere words on a page can be hard to believe for some in a world where seeing is believing. Virtual reality creates the “seeing” part and what was seen remains in the memory.

Advanced Memory Verses

Memory verses were the old way to teach from the bible, sermons likewise. Diving into God’s word takes on a completely new meaning with VR. For many it will fill in the gaps where they were not quite sure what the bible or preaching meant and for others VR can simply cement ideas. However, as with aeroplane cockpits, a person will interact with the bible and this interaction will stick to the memory better.
Either way, teaching the bible using Virtual Reality is a powerful, intriguing even, way to get people to “hear” God’s word. It may seem like a novelty but even so, if it gets someone closer to the bible and its teachings VR is a real winner in the classroom or even at home.